19 Actors We Would Watch in Anything: Must-See Movie Stars

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When it comes to the stars' names above the movie title, there are only a few that have us getting in line to buy tickets simply because they're in it. It doesn't matter the subject or genre of the film, if so-and-so is the star -- we're there!

We have 19 actors and actresses that if they have committed to a project, it immediately goes to the top of our must-see lists. 

Some make us laugh every time out, check out these Anchorman quotes for a few of his chuckles. Others have had us drawn to their work for years  -- watch The Big Lebowski online for this actress' true coming-out party. 

We've named our 17 directors that constantly deliver and now we present our 19 actors who we'd watch in anything.

Click through and witness greatness in our 19 performers who always give perfection.

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