25 Must-See Summer Movies: Hollywood Heats Up!

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It's getting hot out there and that means one thing: Summer movies are almost here!

As the calendar is set to turn to May, there are over 100 movies coming at audiences between now and the end of August. 

With that many to choose from, only so many can be qualified as a "must-see."

Check out our 25 must-see summer movies slideshow below and discover which of the summer movie fare are ones that you must put on your calendar.  

There are (quite) a few that are sequels, so before you head to the theaters and check out a few of our must-sees, go back and get caught up. Watch X-Men: First Class online, watch The Amazing Spider-Man online and watch 21 Jump Street online and you'll be ready to rock the cinemas this summer!

Click through and enjoy our 25 must-see summer movies of 2014!

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