9 Can't Hardly Wait Cameos We Hardly Noticed

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Can't Hardly Wait is a classic '90s teen comedy that was billed as a breakout vehicle for star Jennifer Love Hewitt. 

It gave us those unforgettable Can't Hardly Wait quotes, but it also would give us much, much more in the form of a slew of stars that went from uncredited turns in that comedy to much, much bigger things. 

Watch Can't Hardly Wait online and see if you can spot these stars who went from bit parts to anchoring their own flicks and some of TV's biggest shows.

Click through and discover 9 Can't Hardly Wait cameos that you hardly knew about!

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Can't Hardly Wait Quotes

Mike Dexter: Trip McNeely! Geez. You were a sexual icon! You know girls at Huntington still talk about you?
Trip McNeely: Really? Which ones?
Mike Dexter: You must be racking up at college. College!
Trip McNeely: I wish, bro. I can't even get digits as a freshman.
Mike Dexter: Shut up! Come on, you can tell me.
Trip McNeely: Seriously, man. I thought college was gonna be a 24-7 orgy. Hell, that's why I broke up with Janeen before I left.
Mike Dexter: [pauses] S-s-so, what happened?
Trip McNeely: [sighs] College chicks are totally different, bro. They're serious and shit. They all talk about world issues and "ecolomological" crap. And they wanna date older guys.

Denise: Besides, I heard that song was about his dog.
Preston: It's not about a dog. It's about a woman named Amanda. Who the hell names their dog Amanda?
Denise: My cousin had a dog name Samantha.
Preston: Shut up about the dog, okay?