Anchorman 2 DVD Review: Funniest Home Video Release Ever?

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For fans of any film, the success of the home release is all about the extras. And when it comes to the Anchorman 2 DVD, fans should be in comedy heaven. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is out now on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download and we’d be hard-pressed to find a home video release in recent memory that had so much going for it -- beyond the movie itself.

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It goes without saying if you read our theatrical Anchorman 2 review, that Movie Fanatic adored the sequel to the film that gave us those unforgettable and timeless Anchorman quotes.

Anchorman 2 finds Will Ferrell back as Ron Burgundy and he’s getting the Action News Team together for a move from San Diego to New York to be part of something revolutionary -- the 24-hours cable news network. There was something priceless about the chemistry between Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and David Koechner that continues the moment they reconnect (as seen in this Anchorman 2 clip!).

What is so bloody fantastic about the Anchorman 2 DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download release is it not only has four hours of bonus content (more on that in a moment), but the film arrives in three versions: The theatrical version, the Super-Sized R-Rated Version that has a promised 763 new jokes, and the completely unrated version. All three add something different, and fans of Anchorman will want to check them all out. And don’t scoff -- there are literally 763 new jokes in the Super-Sized R-Rated Version!

And as you can see in the Anchorman 2 gag reel, this is not just a few scenes pieced together -- this is a gag reel for the ages. And that is just the tip of the iceberg of Anchorman 2 home video bonus features. There are so many gags that there is even a gag reel, part 2! Don’t. Miss. Either!

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Audio commentary by stars and filmmakers sometimes can be a useless exercise, in our opinion. But with Anchorman 2, the home video features hilarious and insightful audio commentary to the various film versions by director Adam McKay, as well as producer Judd Apatow, Ferrell, Carell, Rudd and Koechner. That element alone is worth the price of admission. These guys are so naturally funny -- they can’t even provide audio commentary without cracking jokes that are better than 90 percent of the comedies out there!

Even the behind-the-scenes feature Newsroom -- Inside the Making of the Film is a lesson in how to create comic hilarity. It is also a fascinating study in the secret to the comic chemistry not just between the big four, but also Christina Applegate and new to the series James Marsden and Meagan Good.

For those who love our compiled Anchorman 2 quotes, you will adore the Line-O-Rama feature that showcases a non-stop attack of alternative lines from the film. And that girl fight scene between Applegate and Good... well, that is featured in an expanded form with some gut-busting one-liners from the two actresses who show that the comic insanity doesn’t just come from the four men.

And for those of you who had the good fortune of witnessing the film in theaters, you don’t want to miss an extended scene of Burgundy at his worst, hosting the dolphin show in San Diego. You think you’ve seen Ferrell riff off the cuff, think again!

You might have heard about initial ideas that they would make Anchorman 2 a musical, well (honestly, thank goodness) that never happened. But, the bonus feature Anchorman 2: The Musical takes a look at the songfest that almost was.

Anchorman 2 Will Ferrell Steve Carell

Who doesn’t love Baxter? Ron’s beloved dog is joined in the cute animal department in Anchorman 2 by Doby and the two animals are given their own featurette with Baxter & Doby.

And those are just a few of the dozens of bonus features we adored on the Anchorman 2 DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download release. But before we close this Anchorman 2 DVD review, we have to highlight the bonus featurette News Fight. It takes a look at the biggest and most astounding news throw-down that could possibly have been imagined.

A large number of the terrific cameos in Anchorman 2 arrive in that scene and to see them truly go at it in a New York City park was pure joy in the theater. To see how it all came together and witness all these talents put together in the bonus feature -- is simply the icing on a hilarious and astounding home video cake. 

Can't wait to see this instant classic and all it has to offer? Watch Anchorman 2 online now and you can also see how it all started and watch Anchorman online too!!

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Review

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Anchorman 2 Quotes

Champ Kind: That's Jack Kind. Look at him. He's a prince.
Ron Burgundy: He's not that great.
Jack Lime: What'd you say?
Brick Tamland: [yelling] He said you're not that great!
Ron Burgundy: Brick!

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Jack Lime: Welcome to the station. Just wondering what time you feed that mustache.
Ron Burgundy: Maybe I’ll feed it a ham sandwich.
Jack Lime: Hey don't make jokes off my jokes!

Anchorman 2 Review

For fans of any film, the success of the home release is all about the extras. And when it comes to the Anchorman 2 DVD, fans should be...

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