Brick Mansions Exclusive: RZA on Why Paul Walker Is So Special

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Brick Mansions stars Paul Walker as a Detroit cop in the near future who is assigned to head into the toughest part of town, called Brick Mansions, and find a dirty bomb before it is shot into the heart of the city. The film also stars RZA, who had the honor of appearing with Walker in one of his final film roles.

We caught up with the Wu-Tang Clan member for an exclusive video interview to talk about the envelope-pushing action flick and his role as a gangster who runs the Brick Mansions.

But, of course, the conversation quickly turned to the actor who lost his life in a car crash in November. 

RZA had a front row seat to what made Walker so special and it is clear that the rapper-actor is forever touched by the experience. “In our business you meet people every day who are not real. He was a real man. I feel like I have a kindred spirit with him,” RZA said.

What we found interesting is how RZA felt that in many ways, he had to refer to Walker in the present tense. “I’m going to say that Paul is a unique guy. I’m not going to say he was. When you look at the magic of film, it captures us. That’s a blessing.”

Check out the Brick Mansions trailer to get an idea of the action fest that is set to hit theaters April 25. And speaking of action and Walker, watch Fast and Furious 6 online and see what it is that is so special about Paul Walker.

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