Captain America The Winter Soldier: Chris Evans on Cap Suit Getting "Tighter"

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When Captain America: The First Avenger arrived in 2011, star Chris Evans said that he almost did not take the role. He, perhaps, was afraid of typecasting or that being Captain America would limit his career and creative dreams. Of course, he did take the role and when he spoke to Movie Fanatic recently, he admitted that he is thrilled he did not make a huge error by passing on the role of a lifetime, one he continues in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Chris Evans is Captain Ameirca in The Winter Soldier

“Had I not done the movies, it would’ve been the biggest mistake of my life. It really would’ve been the biggest regret to date and there are plenty,” Evans said.

In fact, Evans has gone on to make a romantic comedy with Anna Faris (What’s Your Number?), a crime thriller with Michael Shannon (The Iceman) and had an incredibly powerful turn as a drug-addled lawyer in Puncture.

“It’s changed everything for me. I mean not just what it’s enabled me to do outside of these movies, but it’s so comforting knowing that you’re making good movies,” Evans said.

“It would be a nightmare to be trapped in this contract and be making films that you’re not proud of, but Marvel has the Midas touch. So every time you suit up, you know that you’re making something of quality. It’s rewarding on every level, so thank God I had the right people in my life pushing me to make the right decision.”

One of the best parts of the entire film is the camaraderie between Captain America and new addition Anthony Mackie as the Falcon -- teased in this Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer.  Evans admitted that he has known Mackie for years, and that comfort level is evident on every frame of film.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Anthony Mackie Chris Evans

“I’ve known Anthony for a while now. When I first met Anthony, it actually wasn’t on a movie set. We got along very well. We’re very similar people. This is our third movie together,” Evans said.

“So it was very easy having just a repartee with him off set and I think that translates on set. And the guy is life, he’s energy. He just brings a certain type of spark that you need on film and you need off as well.”

Also new to the Marvel world -- and something that speaks volumes as to how far comic book movies have come -- is legend Robert Redford, who plays a S.H.I.E.L.D. higher-up.

“He’s amazing. It was pretty intimidating that day because he is a living legend, but it’s always such a treat when someone you look up to that much lives up to the expectation,” Evans said. “I mean, he very easily could’ve come on set and hijacked the film, not just as an actor, but given his past as a director and his experience. He very easily could’ve taken over. He showed up with the utmost professionalism. He knew his lines. I think the first day we filmed, we shot until one in the morning and he stuck around for my off camera stuff. I mean it was like it was his first movie. So he really is such an example of what it is to be great.”

Although Black Widow is in the mix with Cap (what about that Black Widow solo movie?), following up their great chemistry in The Avengers, Evans cautions, don’t expect any romantic sparks. “No, I don’t think that’s the dynamic of Cap and Black Widow,” he said, despite what many audience members would like!

Captain America and Black Widow

This is Evans’ third turn in the Captain America suit and we wondered how things have evolved. “It always feels like it gets tighter. It’s like I thought it was supposed to get more comfortable. I feel like this got worse. I’m not joking. That really happens,” Evans said with an honest to goodness straight face!

“It’s exciting. Again, a lot of it has to do with the fact that you know you’re making good movies. If you were disappointed with the previous film, it’s going to be hard to mentally prepare yourself for living in that thing for four or five months. But since Marvel just can’t stop making quality movies, it’s exciting, humbling and it’s an honor to jump back into it -- no matter how uncomfortable it is.”

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