Draft Day Exclusive: Kevin Costner On Why Sports Movies “Touch Us”

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Kevin Costner is back in a sports movie, as seen in the Draft Day trailer. It reminds us why the actor -- who is known for so many great movies -- will be remembered as one of the great stars who anchored movies set in the sports landscape.

We caught up with Costner for an exclusive video interview and asked him what it was about the sports movie that is so resonant for audiences.

“You have to remember that there are a lot of movies that are made about sports… that aren’t any good,” Costner admitted. “Like a great Western, when we do a great one, it reminds us of why we like them -- they touch us in a way we don’t expect.”

In Draft Day, Costner portrays the general manager of the Cleveland Browns on the titular day. And all eyes are on him as he wheels and deals while the clock ticks. 

There is much on the line, not the least of which is his job, the future of football in Cleveland and a romance with the team’s lawyer (Jennifer Garner) who seems to be the only one not questioning the moves he makes on this uber-important day.

And don’t miss our entire interview above as Costner lets us know that a Western (another genre we love him in) trilogy is on his horizon!

Remind yourself what a fantastic sports film actor Costner is and watch Field of Dreams online, check out these Bull Durham quotes and click through our slideshow below and see what our favorite Costner movies are.

Draft Day hits theaters April 11. 

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