Draft Day Exclusive: Terry Crews Talks Football Movie That's “Deep”

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We caught up with Draft Day stars Terry Crews and Arian Foster for an exclusive video interview.

They had a unique perspective on the film that stars Kevin Costner as a general manager of the Cleveland Browns on the titular day who must choose wisely for his team, himself and his city.

See, Crews and Foster (who play father and son) have both lived through a real Draft Day.

Crews famously played football for many years and now is a star of both TV and film (you can’t miss him in this The Expendables 3 trailer).

Foster is currently a member of the Houston Texans and both marveled at the Draft Day story for being about so much more than football. “It’s about relationships,” Crews admitted. “When a man has dedicated his life to a business, what’s the cost to that? That dynamic is deep.”

Foster feels that the film is as real as it can be, thanks to the league that has made his dreams come true. “This is the first film that the NFL has actually endorsed,” Foster said.  

Both former NFLers also chime in on their favorite sports movie, whether football or other. But, you can probably guess they’re football movies and their answers are both quite different! 

Want to see Crews in action right now? Watch The Expendables online!

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