Jupiter Ascending Photo: Channing Tatum & Mila Kunis Ride Rocket Boots

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A new photo from Jupiter Ascending has arrived and it features a special effect that filmmakers the Wachowskis (they of those The Matrix quotes) have repeatedly told people they are most excited for audiences to see. 

The shot features a scene from the film where our alien warrior hero, played by Channing Tatum, is using his "rocket boots" to fly through the air at insanely rapid speeds.

See, he has been sent to Earth to help a princess (Mila Kunis), who was told years ago she was meant for huge things -- but has yet to see any proof of that with her mundane life. She holds the key to the future peace of the entire galaxy!

Sound interesting? Check out the Jupiter Ascending trailer and prepare to get excited for the July 18 release.

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