Point Break Remake: Producers Promise "Extraordinary Footage"

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It was recently announced that Point Break was getting a remake and that Gerard Butler would be Bodhi and Luke Bracey will be Johnny Utah. While at the press day for Transcendence starring Johnny Depp, Alcon producers Broderick Johnson and Andrew A. Kosove gave us an update on where they’re at with the Point Break redo. And it seems, they’ve already started shooting and it is the “greatest footage we’ve ever gotten at Alcon.”

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The film features the relationship between Bodhi and Utah as its central core, but the extreme sports nature will be greatly expanded. The adrenaline junkies will not just be knocking off banks in L.A. as the original did. They will circle the globe and as such, visuals of them snowboarding in Europe, surfing in Australia and more, Johnson promises, will blow audiences away.

“We’ve shot some extraordinary footage with our surfers. And we were in the Italian Alps with the greatest extreme snowboarders in the world, shooting footage. We’ve actually been in photography on the film, beginning our stunt work with our real athletes,” Johnson said.

“This is a movie with a lot of stunts and no stunt people in it because the stunts are way too dangerous for people who are stunt people. We have real athletes who do this, like Jeb Corliss, who’s the greatest wing-suiter in the world. His team will be doing work for us, over the summer, in Switzerland with motocross.”

Johnson also admitted that Butler and Bracey will get to work this summer. “Principal photography starts in June,” he said.

When asked about the story and its parallels to the Kathryn Bigelow-directed original, the producers said that there will be many similarities in terms of the “bromance,” but that it will greatly expand on many levels.

“The script only shares in common with the original the characters and the nature of the character dynamic between Utah and Bodhi. Everything else about the movie is different. While we do have surfing in the film, it is only a subset of the extreme sports that we deal with, including free-climbing, motocross, wing-suiting and so forth,” Johnson said. Proof of that is seen even in these Point Break quotes.

The landscape of Point Break is also expanding. “The movie is being shot in 10 countries across the globe.”

Johnson was clearly taken with Bigelow’s original and said that it was “really ahead of its time.” This was a film that predated the X-Games!

Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves in Point Break

“That was really at the infancy of what extreme sports would become. This movie is on a much broader scale around the world, and the narrative of the movie is completely different. What we found fascinating about the original film, and is preserved in this, is the character work and the relationship between Bodhi and Utah, who are these two gentlemen on opposite sides of the law, but yet, at the same time, share a common bond. That’s the one element that the two movies share.”

Given the expansion of 3D technology in the time since the original, we wondered if the film would be shot in 3D, or even presented in 3D. 

“We won’t shoot it in 3D. We’ll convert it,” Kosove said. “One of the benefits of the smaller cameras is that you can really put the audience in with the action. When you start shooting in 3D, the camera rigs are very large.”

But, will there be criminals sporting presidents' masks in this Point Break?!

“Maybe -- it’s tricky,” Johnson said. “We’ve thought about this a lot because the world of remaking movies, in truth, is a pretty risky proposition. A lot of them don’t work, as we have been regularly reminded. So, the question then becomes, ‘What’s the raison d’être for remaking a movie that wasn’t a giant hit, but is an iconic film that many people have seen?’ I would argue that the difference is that the world in which a Point Break can exist today, as compared to almost 25 years ago, is profoundly different,” Johnson said.

“Then, it was a few guys surfing in the Santa Monica bay and robbing a couple of banks, as compared to what Jeb Corliss does or what these big wave surfers do today. So, we felt that we truly could remake the movie in a completely unique and different way than the original film, and that’s why we’ve decided to do it. But the character work in the original film, which ultimately sustains any movie, no matter how glorious the bells and whistles are, and the bromance, is fascinating. That is a central part of our story, even though everything else about it is different.”

Check out why we love the original so much when you watch Point Break online.

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