The Expendables 3 Character Posters: All-Stars Ready for War!

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The Expendables 3 has greatly expanded its all-star cast. In fact, it currently stands at 16. That's a large group! 

So, what better way than to feature each of the action heroes in a series of character posters. Smart move, Lionsgate! 

Sylvester Stallone, creator of The Expendables, is back for his third tour, along with Terry Crews and Jason Statham. Arnold Schwarzenegger returns for a larger role in this third film.

They are joined by new-to-the-series Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas and Mel Gibson

And lest we forget... the long awaited return of a man who used to rule the action genre -- Wesley Snipes!

The posters premiered today over on IGN, ComingSoon, Collider and JoBlo. 

Click through and meet the 16 member all-star cast of The Expendables 3. Check out that The Expendables 3 teaser trailer and why not see how it all started and watch The Expendables online.

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