The Other Woman: Cameron Diaz Says Not a “Story About Revenge”

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Although Cameron Diaz’s latest film may look like a female revenge movie from The Other Woman trailer, when we caught up with the actress, she stressed that the themes couldn’t be further from “you-cheated-on-me vengeance.”

The Other Woman Cameron Diaz Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

“Usually when it's a story about three women who are all involved with the same man it ends with somebody’s eyeballs being scratched out,” Diaz said and laughed.

“We decided that that wasn't the story that we wanted to tell, and we didn't really want it to be a story about revenge. We wanted it to be a story about utilizing the commonality of the three of them having a relationship with the same man to be a catalyst to bring them together. Otherwise, these three women would not know one another."

The Other Woman illustrates how women, circa 2014, support each other and how women are as unique as ever. “It's not only a story of friendship and how we are there for one another, but it also shows us how different these women are,” Diaz said.

“They each have their own strengths, and their own weaknesses, and those strengths and weaknesses help each one of them in their own way. They actually empower one another because of those strengths and weaknesses.”

To us, the film is clearly influenced by Nine to Five starring Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. When Diaz was asked about its connection, she could not have been more thrilled -- given that’s what she was hoping for!

Nine to Five is actually one of my favorite movies. I watched it a thousand times as a child,” Diaz said.

“That was something that I loved about this movie -- was the same thing -- where it was three women who would never have come together for any other reason except they had this one thing in common, which was this common cause. That's really a feeling that I wanted this movie to have. It was a huge influence.”

The film’s themes are universal, even if a viewer hasn’t actually been cheated on, and that also resonated with Diaz. “I think we've all gone through some kind of betrayal, whether it's with a boyfriend, or a friend, or a family member. I think that's why this is relatable to everybody -- because we all know what it feels like to feel that betrayal,” Diaz said.

Although The Other Woman is heavily female-centric, it wouldn’t be anything without the guys in the cast, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones) and Taylor Kinney (Zero Dark Thirty). Coster-Waldau plays the man who brings these three women together when they learn he’s hooking up with all of them, and Kinney portrays Mann’s brother who provides a shoulder to cry on.

The Other Woman Cast

“These guys, honestly, I mean Nikolaj plays one of the ugliest villains! We had to create such a horrible guy, because he is the bad guy in the movie. We took him as far as possible, as pathological as possible, and I really feel that Nikolaj did such an amazing job of bringing that character so that we could have the fun of the revenge. He made it so we looked good and he looked bad,” Diaz said and laughed.

And then there’s the flip side.

“Taylor's character portrayed the essence of a man that we all love, and appreciate. He's a brother. He's a best friend. And he gives heart to the movie that is otherwise stolen by the revenge of it all. These two guys really showed up for us, and they were great partners to the three women. And even though we did a movie about heartbreak, I feel that we also celebrate love in this movie, and we just appreciate that these guys were there for us to help us tell that story.”

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