The Other Woman: Kate Upton Dishes Discomfort Filming in a Bikini

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Kate Upton could not have chosen better to make her film debut, just watch The Other Woman trailer and you’ll see why. She has veteran comedic co-stars in Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz to help lead her through the minefields of making a movie.

The Other Woman Kate Upton

We caught up with Upton who dished the joys of her first filmmaking experience, as well as one scene that was a little… uncomfortable. Well, two scenes – the one that featured her whipping co-star Nikoloaj Coster-Waldau got cut. She dishes that one too! 

Given what Upton had to say about her first film experience, all first time performers should have it so good. “It was so amazing. I am so lucky. I didn't know what to expect when I first came on set, and they opened their arms to me, and made me feel really comfortable instantly. They supported me every step of the way,” Upton said.

Given how she made a name for herself in pop culture, she was surprisingly uncomfortable running around the beach in her bikini. “When I was shooting the bikini scene -- normally, when you go to a beach, everybody is wearing a bikini, but on a film you're the only one,” she said and laughed.

“There're like sixty people staring at you! They're doing their jobs, but they're still staring at you! And I was so uncomfortable, and Cameron and Leslie saw that I was uncomfortable and came out and ran off camera with me. [They] were encouraging me, and not letting me be alone. They were like that the whole way filming, and I'm just so blessed to have them on my first film.” 

Speaking of that scene, she marveled at how the entire crew managed to show up that day for filming. There didn’t seem to be any second unit work to be had. “Yeah. It's weird how many men went over that direction [laughs] as soon as that scene started happening,” Upton said.

Kate Upton Cameron Diaz Leslie Mann The Other Woman

There was another scene that Upton felt quite comfortable doing, but it was eventually cut from the movie because her co-star didn't seem to care for it. It involved her spanking Coster-Waldau with a whip. See, Upton is one of the women that Coster-Waldau is cheating on Mann with -- along with Diaz. And when the ladies discover that this man is sleeping around, they team up to get revenge and in the process forge a serious friendship.

So why did Coster-Waldau not want the scene in the film? “I'm a horseback rider. I know how to use a whip,” she said and laughed. “[He] had [his] hand taken off in Game of Thrones. This was a little bruise on [his] butt!”

The themes of the movie are not revenge. The Other Woman is more about the power that women have when they bond together. “I know that in my life, my girlfriends are one of the most important relationships that I have -- from going through the good times and the bad times,” Upton said. “It was a really amazing script because I think it really shows that it's true in real life.”  

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