The Rover Trailer & Poster: Robert Pattinson Fears Guy Pearce

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That first The Rover trailer was something else. It teased the rift between stars Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson. If that one got you, wait until you witness the explosive power of the latest trailer from The Rover!

The film celebrates its inclusion in the Cannes Film Festival with the release of this latest teaser that teases the film that features Pearce pursuing Pattinson and as the film’s tagline says, “Fear the man with nothing left to lose.”

We’re guessing that’s not going to go so well for Pattinson!  

The Rover exists in a universe that is about a decade removed from the destruction of the world as we know it. Pearce travels through the Australian outback alone. He is jaded, but not one who doles out vengeance at the drop of the hat. But, then, a gang comes upon him and steals his car and his belongings and seriously roughs him up.

In the fight, Pattinson (a member of the gang) gets injured and is left behind. Now, Pearce not only wants his help getting back all his belongings, but he’s going to make Pattinson's life a living hell along the way.

And given that they are essentially living in hell, that is not a very good prospect at all.

Look for The Rover June 13 in New York and LA before it opens wide June 20.

Check out the new posters and photos that arrived for The Rover in the slideshow below and let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how Pattinson became “Robert Pattinson” and watch Twilight online

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