Transcendence Featurette: The Promise of A.I.

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As seen in that riveting Transcendence trailer, Johnny Depp stars as a scientist who uploads himself into a computer’s hard drive. And that’s when things get really interesting.

Rebecca Hall stars as his partner in science, and partner in life, and it is because of her urging that he completes the transition. Through her, we see the wonder -- and the regret.  

In this latest featurette from Transcendence, Depp, Hall and director Wally Pfister talk about the promise of artificial intelligence and how the truth is we're close to making the fiction a fact.

What was so fascinating was at the press day for the film, director Pfister told us that upon talking to scientists, he learned that this science fiction will become science reality in about 30 years. So, it’s not a question of if, but when! 

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