Weekend Movie Preview: April 11, 2014

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The weekend movie preview this week illustrates that there is something out there for everyone. Now, will they be able to compete with the blockbuster that is Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Probably not, but at least there are a wide variety of other options for moviegoers this week. Let's take a look...

Draft Day: Kevin Costner returns to the sports movie genre that he has triumphed with so brilliantly in the past. With Draft Day, he enters the world of football for the first time as the general manager of the Cleveland Browns on the titular day. The pressure is on to choose a draft pick that will save his team, and largely his job and his city's future. As we stated in our Draft Day review, this is one riveting film that finds itself almost feeling like a thriller -- especially in those jaw-dropping final 25 minutes. 

Rio 2: The gang from Rio is back! This time out, Jesse Eisenberg's Blu and Anne Hathaway's Jewel have three little birdie kids and they head into the Amazon in search of more blue macaws so they don't feel so alone. The cast expands, most notably with Bruno Mars, Andy Garcia and Rita Moreno. As we reported in our Rio 2 review, the first film has a bit more charm, but this one will still get you enjoying some samba music and good family fun.

Oculus: A new horror master is born in a wildly original scare-fest that features something as simple as a household mirror as something that is extolling the fear. The cast is top notch, particularly Katee Sackhoff and Karen Gillan. Long after the credits roll on this film, you will still be haunted by it and, frankly, clamoring for more. To learn more about this fantastic flick, check out our Oculus review.

Feel like staying home this weekend?

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