Weekend Movie Preview: April 25, 2014

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The weekend movie preview for this final weekend in April features a comedy about women finding friends (The Other Woman) and a horror flick that is based on some spooky real experiments from the '70s. 

And then there is, sadly, one of the final films in Paul Walker's career -- Brick Mansions.

The Other Woman: Cameron Diaz portrays the title character, although as we stated in our The Other Woman review, this is absolutely Leslie Mann's movie. Mann plays a wife who discovers that her husband is having an affair with Diaz, and Kate Upton. The three form an unlikely bond over their cheating man and discover that friendship can run deeper than love. The film avoids a million chick flick cliches and is oftentimes funny and has a lot of heart. We just felt it needed to be a little more grounded in reality. 

Brick Mansions: Walker plays a Detroit cop in the near future who has to head into the worst part of town (known as Brick Mansions) to prevent a dirty bomb from being lobbed into the city and killing millions. Walker is astounding, but this action film belongs to the supremely talented Frenchman who invented Parkour -- David Belle -- and there is plenty of that action in this flick. For more, check out our Brick Mansions review.

The Quiet Ones: Jared Harris stars as a British professor who is conducting a slightly unethical experiment. It is all in an effort to get a woman to manifest a poltergeist. When they realize she really is possessed, the horror truly happens! Our The Quiet Ones review found that the film truly spooks and will leave you thinking about its morality long after the credits have rolled.

Feel like staying in this weekend? Several fantastic (and Oscar nominated) films are out now on digital download. Watch Philomena online and see the Best Picture nominee, and another Best Picture nominee is available when you watch The Wolf of Wall Street online

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