100 Greatest Movie Threats Video: Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

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Someone on YouTube has a lot of spare time (Harry Hanrahan), and we could not be more thrilled that they do because now we have one of the best movie compilation videos we've ever seen.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present a fantastic clip featuring the 100 greatest movie threats of all time!

So, who do you think made the cut? 

Well, watch Goodfellas online and there are a few that made the list! Check out these Anchorman quotes and there's a nice one in there.

See, several of these are as funny as others are downright scary. It's a cornucopia of intimidation!

And lest we not include one of our favorites at issuing threats, watch Scarface online and you know Tony Montana's world is represented! 

And we must warn you, as we're talking threats and that the person who makes them seeks to make the biggest splash, you can guess that there is some colorful language in these, so clearly this is NSFW!

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