11 '80s Movies That Need a Remake: Decade of Decadence Redone

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Many movies from the '80s have a certain look, feel and, most importantly, sound. 

Whether the outrageous hair and makeup or that cheesy synthesizer soundtrack, certain movies suffered from artistic inspiration that was thought to be revolutionary at the time and in hindsight was decade-confining. 

We found 11 movies that should have stood the test of time because of fantastic premises and stories that could have gone down in Hollywood history with the likes of some of the greats. Therefore, might we suggest these 11 movies get remade with today's special effects, technology-pushing cameras and, most importantly, composers who keenly know how to write music that is timeless.

Watch The Lost Boys online, and yes, we love it. But, can you imagine that flick without its stuck in the '80s soundtrack? Yeah, we can! 

And simply reading these The Running Man quotes it's easy to see that the Stephen King short story has the potential to be quite the commentary on society. But, unfortunately, it looks like a movie of the '80s... and that is where it will remain -- history-wise.

And speaking of King, watch Pet Sematary online and there's another that has the most astounding of premises, but suffers from special effects that could not keep up with the great author's imagination. 

So, click through and see our 11 '80s movies that need to be remade!

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