13 Films for Foodies: Movies That Make Us Hungry!

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A movie that features food at its core should leave the audience concluding the viewing experience craving much more than another good movie (doesn't a great movie do that... make you want to see another great movie?!).

Yet, films with food at the core are kind of rare. But, get your appetites ready because Movie Fanatic has 13 films about food that are not only the best of their tiny little genre, but are terrific movies regardless of their subject and tasty center.

Watch Ratatouille online or watch Chocolat online or even check out these Chocolat quotes and we guarantee there will be major meals being prepared with tantalizing desserts to follow -- thanks to the Pixar classic and Johnny Depp-starring romance!

Click through and prepare to divulge in our 13 films for foodies! 

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