15 Top X-Men Movie Mutants: Who Is Number One?

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With X-Men: Days of Future Past storming into theaters May 23, it brings together the X-Men casts both young and old (er, mature).

That means we get Wolverine, two Magnetos and two Professor Xs! But, there will also be a Beast to deal with and a Storm brewing as well! 

If you were to rank your favorite mutants, how would that list work?

Well, here's our list as we present the 15 top X-Men movie mutants. Who is our favorite mutant? 

To see how it all got started and how we left off, watch X-Men online and watch X-Men: First Class online and a large majority of who is on our list will be there!

Click through and discover our 15 top X-Men movie mutants! 

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X-Men Movies Quotes

I'm coming for blood, no code of conduct, no law.


Wolverine: It's me!
Cyclops: Prove it!
Wolverine: You're a dick.
Cyclops: Okay.