17 Explosive Superhero Debuts: Who Made a Superhero Splash?

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As an actor suits up to play a superhero for the first time, there is no gray area. People either love you or loathe you. 

When the first Ben Affleck as Batman photo was released, we were reminded of the response when it was first announced that Affleck would be the Dark Knight in the sequel to Man of SteelBatman vs. Superman

At first, people were not so happy about Affleck playing their Gotham hero. But, with the release of that first shot, fans are starting to come around.

You have to remember that audiences were not happy with several past casting announcements, such as Michael Keaton as Batman and even Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man. 

So, who made the biggest splashes in their superhero debuts -- either good or bad? Watch Iron Man online and there's someone who has made a pop culture seismic mark as Tony Stark.

Watch Batman Begins online and see Christian Bale making his mark, that some would say is largely why it was so hard to see Affleck as the Caped Crusader. 

Click through and see the 17 performers who scored or failed in their superhero debuts!

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