19 Most Memorable Movie Moms: Oh Mama!

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Oh, Mother!

Movie moms can be the most maternal and also the most maniacal. But, that is why we love these 19 movie moms. They have made their mark.

In celebration of Mother's Day, we present some of the best. Heck, to mothers, every day is Mother's Day!

Watch Almost Famous online and there's a mom who lets her son fly to achieve his dreams -- sometimes that is the most difficult of tasks, letting go. 

And when you watch Forrest Gump online, Sally Field plays one who imparts her child with so much knowledge, we hear about it all throughout the movie!

Then, there is the mother heard in these Psycho quotes. She's so batty, she turns her son into a serial killer.

See, moms come in all shapes, sizes and mentalities! 

Click through and enjoy our 19 most memorable movie moms!

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