27 Comedies We Could Watch 27 Times (or More)!

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Everyone knows a good comedy is hard to come by in Hollywood. A comic movie that works is worth more than gold for fans of the genre. So, when there is one that scores, it becomes an instant classic.

And better yet, what about movie comedies that can be watched over and over that remain hilarious -- even though we know the jokes and often repeat them ourselves (like these Anchorman quotes).

We present 27 movie comedies that stop us in our tracks every time they’re on.

These are also films that when we’re in the mood to laugh, we put them on immediately. And with over two dozen choices, we think you’ll agree that these comedy classics are go-to laughter personified.

Watch Dumb and Dumber online or watch Old School online and you’ll see what we mean.

Click through and enjoy our 27 comedies that we could watch 27 times (or more)! 

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