7 Actors and Characters They Can't Quit: I'll Be Back!

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Actors always talk about the character that proved to be the role of a lifetime. With that in mind, it's easy to see how these 7 actors just simply refuse to walk away from these parts. 

For many of them, they've played the same role for decades! 

Watch The Terminator online and you see Arnold Schwarzenegger in his first turn, and with the news of Terminator: Genesis arriving in 2015, he'll be back being the bad ass once again! 

Want another clue as to who is on this list?

Watch Die Hard online and there's Bruce Willis being John McClane for the first time. The last time he played the hero? Last year! And a sixth Die Hard is in the works!

Click through and see our 7 actors who just cannot walk away from these characters!

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