Blended: Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore Talk How Chemistry Has “Gotten Hornier”

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Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are joining forces for the third time in Blended. And one thing becomes clear when you see their first collaboration and watch The Wedding Singer online -- these two have chemistry in droves. They followed that up with 50 First Dates in 2004, and it may have taken 10 years, but they are thankfully back together in the family themed rom-com, Blended.

Blended Stars Drew Barrymore Adam Sandler

When we caught up with Barrymore and Sandler, recently, we wondered how their chemistry has intensified and grown over the years.

“It’s only gotten hornier,” Sandler said, and they both laughed.

Barrymore plays the straight “man” in this conversation and delves deeper. “I would sum it up with respect,” she admitted. “Like if you respect somebody you can make it an in love or an in lust or a happy or a funny or a sad. I’ve always respected him. I love him. He makes us laugh in the world.”

Barrymore’s appreciation for all things Sandler dates back long before they first hooked up in 1998 in The Wedding Singer.

“I was so in love with the things that he did from Saturday Night Live, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison and everything else. I love this person so much [she leans her head on his shoulder]. He is so amazing and I just loved him and appreciated him.”

“You better print all of that too. I know you always take what you want but that sounds better all together,” Sandler interjects with his instructions for us.

But believe it or not, Sandler too can get serious. “I love Drew. I’ve known her a long time. In all three movies, we have the pleasure of falling in love. The first two I faked it. But this one I really did,” Sandler said and laughed. “Would you marry me?”

“You fake it good!” Barrymore added.

There is truly something special about the Barrymore and Sandler bond (they are one of our 13 favorite movie couples), that we could see them doing an On Golden Pond-type movie as senior citizens.

“That would be great -- an On Golden Pond kind of movie but maybe with a few more jokes,” Sandler said.

Sandler brings it back to the two of them growing separately, and together, in the last 16 years. “We both have new things going on in our lives since Wedding Singer to 50 First Dates to now, and we both have families. We’ve always stayed in touch and we’ve always been good friends and check in on each other as much as possible. No matter what’s going on, I’m always pulling for Drew, and I feel the same about her whenever I’m doing something. I know she’s pulling for me. We just have a nice friendship.”

The story of the film, teased in the Blended trailer, follows Sandler and Barrymore’s single parents. They meet on a blind date that goes horribly wrong. Then, to their surprise, they wind up having to share space at a South African resort thinking at the outset that it was going to be the ideal family vacation.

Comedy veterans Kevin Nealon and Wendi McLendon-Covey (Bridesmaids) star in the film, as well as up-and-coming comedienne Jessica Lowe. Having that kind of comedic talent allowed the entire cast to stretch those improvisational muscles.

Blended Adam Sandler Drew Barrymore

“We get to improvise a lot, but Adam and Frank (Coraci, director), from my experience on The Wedding Singer and now this, there’s a great script that you go into it with,” Barrymore said.

“Adam and Frank’s movies are well thought-out, and you also get to play. You have the comfort of knowing that you’re getting the goods but then you have the awesome scary-excitement feeling of knowing that I have to come up with fun stuff to do on the day, give them options in editing.”

But, the film also has lots and lots of heart. It isn’t solely about the laughs. Even the site of their blind date -- Hooters -- is a place from the heart.

“I even love the Hooters payoff. It’s like one thing and then you’re welling up. I loved how the comedy surprised me as I was reading it the first time. This is smart. Things are not going where I expected,” Barrymore said.

As our conversation comes to a close, Sandler is asked about the toughest part of being a parent. And the man who is known for making us laugh gives one of the more insightful answers we’ve heard in a long time.

“The toughest part is when your kid’s upset, you’re upset. You’re rocked until they’re not upset. Even when they’re not upset, you’re like, ‘I hope that doesn’t happen down the line,’” Sandler said.

“You’re nervous. You’re always nervous because you want your kid to be happy. Now I understand why my folks were so much about, ‘Be nice to your sister.’ They’re protection. The world is going to throw stuff at you that can hurt you. Just make sure your family gets your back. I get that now.”

Check out our Blended stills in the slideshow below, and be sure to witness Sandler and Barrymore’s last film together and watch 50 First Dates online.

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