Edge of Tomorrow Featurette: Tom Cruise Learns to Fight

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Tom Cruise takes a serious beating in scenes included in a featurette released by Warner Bros. for their latest release, the sci-fi epic Edge of Tomorrow.

Cruise portrays a soldier who has to relive the same day where he dies in battle over and over, until he gets it right. His fate is tied to our fate and being able to survive an alien invasion.

In the clip, stars Emily Blunt and Cruise talk about how Cruise’s character finds Blunt and how she is training him each day after he awakes from his death the night before. One of these days, he will be ready to help lead the charge that will win this war.

Unfortunately for Cruise, as we see in the clip above and in the Edge of Tomorrow trailer, things are far from easy.

Edge of Tomorrow opens June 6 and also stars Bill Paxton and Brendan Gleeson. 

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