Edge of Tomorrow TV Spot: Tom Cruise Lives, Dies & Repeats

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The latest TV spot for Edge of Tomorrow has arrived and it finds Tom Cruise living, dying and repeating the whole cycle. But, why?

See, he is a soldier in a futuristic war against aliens -- teased more fully in the Edge of Tomorrow trailer -- and almost immediately as the battle begins, he is killed. Then, he awakes and has to relive the entire excruciating event again.

Soon after, he meets Emily Blunt’s soldier, who has experienced the same thing and learned how to break the cycle. Cruise is meant to do something extraordinary to turn the tide of the battle, and in a larger scope, the war. And she will train him – as we saw in this Edge of Tomorrow clip. He just has to die… a lot!

Edge of Tomorrow hits theaters June 6 and also stars Jeremy Piven, Bill Paxton and Ciaran Hinds.   

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