Guardians of the Galaxy: Facebook Q&A Highlights!

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Director James Gunn and members of the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy, including Vin Diesel and Chris Pratt, took part in a Q&A with fans on Facebook as they released the latest Guardians of the Galaxy trailer! Here are the highlights!

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Movie Fanatic stepped up to the plate and asked about the casting of Chris Pratt in the role of Star Lord. Given his history in comedy, we wondered: What screamed Marvel superhero about Pratt?

We love Gunn’s answer! “It's difficult to say what casting is like, but when someone fulfills a role completely, becomes a character, and even goes beyond what you originally expected, you just know,” Gunn said. “I don't know if I believe in true love and soul mates, but I do believe certain roles have soul mates, and Star Lord and Chris are soul mates.”

With a cast of characters that includes Pratt’s Star Lord, Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Dave Bautista as Drax, Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon and Vin Diesel as Groot, guess who Gunn said is the fan favorite so far?

“Everyone who sees the movie loves Groot the most,” Gunn proudly stated. “He’s our baby.”

But what about our favorite, Rocket Raccoon?

“He's a mean little mangled dude with an enormous gun and a very horrible spaceship,” Gunn admitted. “Yes, he is badass.”

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As you can see in the trailer, Groot finally gets to speak and he says the iconic line, “I am Groot.” Someone wondered how many times Diesel actually had to say that in the voice recording sessions before they got it right.

“Oh God... maybe a thousand? I don't know. It felt like a thousand. James Gunn and I were having so [fun] much with it. So it could've been a thousand. And it was amazing to go in there and to work with someone who wanted to explore the character -- we wanted each ‘I am Groot’ to mean something different,” Diesel said.

“It reminded me, as an actor, how much we can do with so little -- and if we're passionate about it, good things can come from it.”

Diesel also talked about how the process of making Guardians of the Galaxy was tough, given that it was merely weeks after his good friend Paul Walker died.

“It was very personal. It was the month after the accident happened with my brother Paul Walker and it was the first time I had worked since. Although it was challenging, just to get back to work was therapeutic -- especially as Groot,” he said.

“There was an innocence about the character that was just refreshing -- and it may have been more challenging under other circumstances, but at that time, it was very therapeutic.”

Marvel Studio chief Kevin Feige chimed in as to the appeal of bringing the Guardians of the Galaxy to the screen next, even though the world as a whole was not so aware of them.

“The fact that they were less well known appealed to us and while every film is a challenge, we were excited by the fact that they weren't well known and made us want to make the film,” Feige said.

Lastly, Pratt was asked about comparisons between Star Lord and Han Solo. “My first manager Bonnie Owens, may she rest in peace, gave me a great bit of wisdom when we were working together 15 years ago, which was that making comparisons between yourself and other actors or characters that come before you is a fool’s errand.”

Check out Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1. 

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