Jupiter Ascending Clip: Channing Tatum & Those Gravity Boots

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The first clip from Jupiter Ascending has us thinking that the Wachowskis know exactly what it was about that Jupiter Ascending trailer that had us intrigued.

When Channing Tatum grabbed Mila Kunis and took off with his gravity boots flying through the streets of Chicago at breathtaking speed, viewers raised a collective eyebrow! 

I know we did! 

The filmmakers behind one of our favorites (you can see it when you watch The Matrix online) are back with a sci-fi tale of destiny, otherworldly special effects and a pair of leading actors who appear to have all sorts of chemistry in Kunis and Tatum.

The first clip has debuted from Jupiter Ascending and it features Tatum explaining just how those uber-awesome gravity boots work.

The clip debuted on Ellen and teases the July 18 release of the latest flick from the filmmaking siblings who also gave us Cloud Atlas

Check out Tatum's gravity boots and more mind-blowing pics from Jupiter Ascending in the slideshow below!

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