Sam Mendes Talks Return to Bond 24

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Skyfall director Sam Mendes went back and forth as to whether he would return to the director’s chair for the next Bond film, right now known as Bond 24. But, Mendes is returning to direct Bond 24 and that is great news to millions of fans including us.

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The reason why was because he wasn’t sure he could give the next installment the type of time needed to make it as good and even better than the film that gave us those Skyfall quotes. But, then he realized that what he started in Skyfall wasn’t complete and he felt he did not want to turn over the reins to someone else given what he had started.

“I cast a new M. I cast a new Moneypenny. I cast a new Q. I cast a new Tanner,” he told interviewer Charlie Rose.

“I felt there was a way to create the second part of a two-part story.” 

Mendes managed to put something in his Bond film that had largely been absent in the franchise’s previous installment… simply, time.

“What we tried to do, and what audiences seemed to embrace in Skyfall was for the first time, characters were allowed to age, and they were allowed to acknowledge the passing of the years,” Mendes said. “And they could acknowledge the history in a kind of sly, mischievous way.”

And the final aspect that got Mendes to return was the production company behind the franchise, EON, allowed him (here’s that word again) time to let Skyfall breathe without heading right into production on the follow-up. That is especially impressive given that Skyfall was by far the highest grossing Bond film of all time and most film companies would want to strike while that iron was still steaming.

“They (EON) agreed to wait a little longer and not go immediately, and not go with two movies but with one -- which I felt very strongly about -- because initially there was that plan,” Mendes said.

Bond 24 opens in the US on November 6, 2015. Until then, watch Skyfall online and you can see why anticipation is so high for the follow-up.

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