Snowpiercer Trailer: Chris Evans States “This Is Chaos”

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Chris Evans does more than take control of a train in Snowpiercer. As shown in the Snowpiercer trailer, he is trying to reshape the future and forge a new beginning for mankind lost in a new ice age.

Snowpiercer features a world that has been destroyed in a sense by global warming to the point that the opposite has happened, a sheet of ice and snow has covered the planet. A train that runs on a power that never dies keeps what’s left of humanity alive, forever going around the tracks laid across an icy landscape.

Tilda Swinton stars as the leader who, as you see in the above trailer, is one of the elites. And as they were in society before the ice age, she seeks to keep it that way on the train. Those less fortunate live in the back in filth, and those who were born to privilege live up front in luxury.

For Evans and his co-horts, including John Hurt and Octavia Spencer (just seen in that Get On Up trailer), that is going to change. 

Evans, most recently seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, is clearly branching out and we cannot wait for the June 27 release… one of our must-see movies of June.

Who else makes our list?

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