Transformers Age of Extinction Trailer: Where Is Optimus Prime?

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The latest Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer is here and it reveals what is at the heart of this fourth movie in the Michael Bay franchise. Well, there are several things.

First, scientists, led by Stanley Tucci, have discovered how to make the metal that the Transformers are made of, and therefore – they think – they don’t need them anymore.

Second, because of that last fact, an alien invasion is happening that threatens to wipe out the human race – thus the “extinction” of the title.

Third, star Mark Wahlberg has found Optimus Prime and it is through him that the leader of the Transformers is convinced that there is hope for humans and that we, as a species, can still do better.

Whew, that’s pretty heavy for a Transformers movie and also rather deep for a two-minute trailer! 

There’s a whole lot of new Transformers in Transformers: Age of Extinction, so make sure you meet the Transformers, and to see how this entire thing got started, watch Transformers online.

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