Weekend Movie Preview: May 30, 2014

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The last weekend movie preview for May closes out the month with two films that could not be more polar opposites! Angelina Jolie channels one of Disney's most iconic villains in the live action Maleficent -- which tells the origins story of the evildoer from Sleeping Beauty.

Then, Seth MacFarlane returns to the big screen after the huge success he had with Ted with a Western comedy, A Million Ways to Die in the West.

Let's break it down!

Maleficent: This is not your grandmother's Sleeping Beauty villain! Jolie portrays Maleficent as a woman who was scorned and out for revenge, even if it is misplaced. When she casts that curse on Princess Aurora, as she gets to know the young woman, she feels regret and dare we say it... maternal feelings!

Check out our Maleficent review for more on this aspect of the story. The acting from all involved, especially Jolie, Sharlto Copley and Elle Fanning, is top notch. And although it plays with the classic fairy tale, we still quite enjoyed the result.

A Million Ways to Die in the West: MacFarlane heads out west, and yes, hilarity ensues. But, unlike his previous effort, this is not hilarious from beginning to end. As our A Million Ways to Die in the West review points out, this is a comedy-Western and the latter part of that description truly rules the third act. MacFarlane's timid farmer must find his inner strength to face off against a classic Western villain (played astonishingly by Liam Neeson).

Feel like staying in this weekend? Several films have landed on digital download that you can check out when you watch Endless Love onlinewatch How to Train Your Dragon online in its collector's edition format, and Kevin Costner returns to action when you watch 3 Days to Kill online.

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