Weekend Movie Preview: May 9, 2014

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The weekend preview for this second weekend in the summer movie season finds that we may already have the comedy to beat this warmer time of year. 

Zac Efron and Seth Rogen do battle and the audience wins in the hilarious Neighbors. Also arriving, in time for Mother's Day, is Moms' Night Out.

Let's take a look at the weekend offerings: 

Neighbors: Efron and Rogen may be the comic bookends of this frat versus family battle that happens when Efron's frat moves next door to Rogen's young family's home. But, as we stated in our Neighbors review, Rose Byrne steals the show! The humor comes fast and furious in director Nick Stoller's film. But, there is also a lot of heart here and a heck of a lot of smarts too. 

Moms' Night Out: Sarah Drew and Patricia Heaton are a part of a trio of moms who, after years of being full-time moms and all that that entails, get a night out as their husbands watch the kids. As the tagline says, "What could go wrong?" Well, of course, everything does. Sean Astin also stars as Drew's husband and although it's great to see the fantastic actor getting work, this film falls flat instead of soars celebrating our society's most important assets: Moms. Our Moms' NIght Out review delves further. 

Already in theaters: 

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Last week's box office winner could have a serious challenge from Neighbors, but the second chapter in Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man, we found, was quite the thrill ride. Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy have relationship issues, three villains come at Spidey and overall, this is a fantastic second chapter in the saga. For more, check out our The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review.

Staying in this weekend? There are several digital download options that are worth looking at. Watch Veronica Mars online and witness the TV smash triumphant turn on the big screen. Then, there's the Oscar nominated Judi Dench starring true story that can be seen when you watch Philomena online.

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