11 Horror Movies Too Scary To See Again: One & Done Fright Fest!

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There are different levels of fear in a horror movie. There’s the type where you actually enjoy the terror and seek to revisit it again and again.

Then, there are those that hit a little too close to home, or strike a nerve of some sort, and we cannot witness them repeatedly -- much less a second time.

For example, watch The Shining online and there is one that Movie Fanatic saw once which still haunts our nightmares. Now, we love a good scare in a horror movie, but there is something truly terrifying about the haunts in that hotel that we never want to check in again. Call us scaredy cats all you want, we won’t go back.

Also, watch Insidious online and there’s another that terrifies us to our core.

Heck, check out these The Ring quotes and we can't even read them more than once!

What other flicks make our list? They run the gamut from gross-out to slasher to downright disgusting!

Click through and discover our 11 horror movies too scary to see again!

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