11 Movie Sequels That Need to Be Trilogies: Third Time's a Charm!

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There are a slew of movies that got a second chapter, i.e. a sequel, that have not necessarily been thought of in terms of becoming a trilogy 

We present 11 films where that needs to change!

We have 22 Jump Street arriving as the sequel to the movie you can see when you watch 21 Jump Street online and check out those unforgettable 21 Jump Street quotes.

As the Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill-starring film is so razor sharp with its wit making fun of sequels, just green light the third film and watch filmmakers Chris Miller and Phil Lord let loose with their lampooning of trilogies!

What other movies need a third chapter to make a trilogy where once was only a sequel? 

Watch Anchorman online and we think that our favorite news anchor needs to tackle the sensationalist news culture of the '90s!

Click through and check out our 11 movie sequels that need a third chapter to become a trilogy!

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