13 Best Movies Based on Song Titles: From Stand By Me to Pretty Woman!

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When a movie uses the same title as a song, it can either be because the song is featured prominently in the flick (watch Stand By Me online for one example), or because filmmakers are trying to have their audience connect people's love of a song with their movie... watch Can't Hardly Wait online for that example of the Replacements' track and how it fit the Jennifer Love Hewitt flick. 

Other times, as seen when you watch Pretty Woman online, not only does the song fit the movie like a glove, but it embodies the entire story impeccably!

But, great movies and song titles don't always work. In fact, more often than not, they fail. 

Remember during the '80s when Michael Jackson licensed all those Beatles songs for teen flicks? Yeah, that!

Click through and enjoy our 13 best movies whose titles come from songs we love!

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