13 Hollywood Next Big Things That Weren't: 'It' Stars Who Failed!

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One thing Hollywood does well is hype itself. And that is never truer than when touting the actors and actresses who will be the next 'it' guy or girl.

But, how often do those monikers prove correct? 

We've found 13 performers who were labeled superstars before they truly earned the title, and more often than not, they are making a fine living as a supporting player currently, and one is even taking to reality TV to revive their career!

Others find ways to piss off their directors and get reduced to a blacklist of sorts (watch Transformers online for one of those!). Some just don't end up living up to the hype and manage to make bad choices in movies that bomb (watch Twilight online for that guy!). 

And we've got a few on this list who actually chose to walk away from the potential of being a mega-star, and that we truly respect. 

Click through and check out our 13 Hollywood next big things that just weren't.

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