15 Best Alien Invasion Movies: Mars Attacks, But Who Else?

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Aliens have been invading Earth, at least according to Hollywood, since the early days of cinema.

And what audiences most adore about the sub-genre of science fiction is that not only do the aliens come in all shapes, sizes and with varied missions, but oftentimes the alien invasion is a metaphor for something much larger in our society.

But, not all alien invasion movies are created equally. So, what are the best? We found 15 that we think are tops. 

Want a clue as to who's on the list? 

Watch Independence Day online and you had to know that Roland Emerich flick would be there.

But we also include a few that aren't universally thought of, which you can see when you watch War of the Worlds online or watch Pacific Rim online!

You'll see why as we explain why they're the best when you click through and see our 15 best alien invasion movies.

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