15 Best Movie Comebacks: Back on Top!

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It is hard enough to make it as a movie star in Hollywood. But, for some, it is a mountain they have had to climb twice. 

The movie star comeback is the rarest of entities and it truly happens quite infrequently. Achieving fame and having it fade away can be completely devastating. But, we have to give it up to these 15 superstars who came, went, and came back again. 

Can you imagine these Godfather quotes without Marlon Brando uttering them? That movie brought him back in a big way. And to think, he had to be pleaded with to take the role!

Watch Iron Man online and there's a comeback that has to top all comebacks. A close second arrives when you watch Pulp Fiction online -- that guy was counted out, several times over!

Click through and check out our 15 best movie comebacks, and yes, we can call it a comeback, LL Cool J! 

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