15 Horribly Miscast Roles: Movie Mistakes!

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They say in Hollywood that casting is everything. Getting the right actor or actress for the part can make or break a movie's chances. 

So, how do we explain these 15 performances that were turned in by people who never should have been cast in the roles in the first place? 

Sure, watch Lee Daniels' The Butler online and it is an all-star cast bringing their A-game. But, there's someone who sticks out like a sore thumb. And we love this actor, but he's just not right for this role. 

And that can happen all the time. We compiled a list of 15 horribly miscast roles, and many of them are filled by performers we absolutely adore. I mean, Ralph Fiennes can do no wrong. But, he did when he uttered these Maid in Manhattan quotes to woo Jennifer Lopez.

Yes, we love the Batman franchise, but just watch Batman and Robin online and there's another huge part that should have been played by someone else. 

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