17 Worst Movie Dads: Happy Father’s Day!

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As everyone knows, a good father is so important in the productive upbringing of a child. Therefore, these terrible movie dads should be completely shunned. But, we adore them because they are so good at being bad.

We present 17 of the absolute worst movie dads that we have seen in recent movie memory. So, who makes the list?

You have to know that the man who gave us some unforgettable Star Wars quotes is on the list! He’s pretty awful, what with cutting off his son’s arm and launching an all-out war on his children’s friends.

Watch The Shining online and Jack Nicholson following his kid with an ax makes him pretty darn evil.

Oh, and look for one bad dad when you watch The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King online. I mean, burning your son alive?!

Click through and witness our 17 worst movie dads, and if that doesn’t make you want to give your dad a big hug and celebrate Father’s Day with newfound verve, we wouldn’t blame you!

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