21 Most Patriotic Movies: America, F-ck Yeah!

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Hollywood can wave the red, white and blue as good as anyone.

Some of our greatest movies are also our most patriotic. As we celebrate the Fourth of July, Movie Fanatic thought it was a good time to look back through the archives and discover those films that make us supremely proud to be Americans. And we found 21 that make us wrap ourselves in the flag.

Watch Forrest Gump online and that Tom Hanks-starring Oscar winner is largely the story of America in the last half of the last century. 

And then there's what you see when you watch Saving Private Ryan online -- the Greatest Generation, as they were called, making the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that freedom and democracy continue. As tyranny reared its head across the globe, America sent its citizens overseas to ensure that the great democracy experiment would live on for future generations. 

A third tease of our 21 most patriotic movies shows how patriotism can arrive when it is most needed.

Watch Miracle online and you'll see a country that is downright depressed. We were economically stagnant. Our enemy, the Russians, seemed to be making advances across the globe in the spread of communism. 

But, on the ice, a group of young men would rise up and give this country hope once again. And we felt proud to be Americans for the first time in quite a while. 

Intrigued? Sit back and prepare to don the red, white and blue as you click through our 21 most patriotic movies that will surely get you in the mood to set off a firework or two this July 4th!

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