21 Top Road Trip Movies: Hollywood Hits the HIghway

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When movie characters are stuck in a vehicle for long stretches of time, lots of humor, drama and romance can ensue. The road trip movie is a fantastic way to move the plot along, whether in a comedy, drama, animation or even biopic. 

Movie Fanatic found 21 of our favorite movies that feature characters hitting the road.

Some can be hilarious, watch Borat online or watch Dumb and Dumber online and it's easy to see that. Heck even our Dumb and Dumber quotes illustrate the humor that arrives on the highways!

With Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon hitting the road in Tammy next week, we thought we'd name our favorite road trip movies that make us want to travel the byways of this great land.

Click through and enjoy our 21 road trip movies that show the best of when Hollywood hits the road.

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