22 Jump Street Photos: The Boys Are Back!

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We've got a slew of photos from the wildly anticipated sequel to the film that gave us those unforgettable 21 Jump Street quotes!

22 Jump Street hits theaters June 13 and follows our favorite undercover cops, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, as they head to college to follow a new drug that is leaving deaths in its path. 

As seen in that 22 Jump Street red band trailer, the boys are definitely back, but things are not all roses. In fact, they even see a therapist to work on their differences! 

We've seen the film (our review is coming soon) and can say that it is even funnier than the first and that we have not seen a sequel that is so smart and so self aware in a very long time.  Oh, and stay until the very last credit rolls -- you will not be sorry!

Watch 21 Jump Street online to get ready for next Friday's big arrival of Tatum and Hill, back as Jenko and Schmidt! 

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22 Jump Street Quotes

Schmidt: Yo Sleepy, wus up homie!, everyone saying that Sleepy he like the Mexican wolverine
Scarface: Why you not talking?
Jenko: My name is Jeff

Capt. Dickson: Somebody's cooking up a new drug.
Jenko: Wipe? wipey? Wipey?
Capt. Dickson: No, you dumb motherfucker, WiFi
Schmidt: Play on, player.
Capt. Dickson: Why every time you speak I want to throw the fuck up?

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