25 Career-Defining Performances That Changed Everything

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Movie stars, despite what many think, are not born overnight. It usually takes years of work, but more importantly, it usually involves a career-making moment in a movie that firmly plants these performers on the A-list.

We found 25 of those career-defining moments and the movies that they came in, and it is our opinion that they are why these stars are now superstars! 

Watch Gravity online and there is Sandra Bullock carrying an entire epic movie all by herself.

Sure, some think her career-defining moment was when she became a star in Speed, and others might suggest it was her Oscar-winning turn in The Blind Side. We beg to differ -- it's Gravity, and when we look back upon her career in the decades to come, it will be that space story that is the one that defined her. 

Want another clue as to who is on our list? Watch Dazed and Confused online and there's Matthew McConaughey not just uttering an iconic phrase in "alright, alright, alright," but it was the whole of his performance in that little '90s film that let the world know it had a future Oscar-winning superstar on its hands.

Click through and see the 25 career-defining performances that changed everything for these A-listers!

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