Django Unchained: He’s Back... With Zorro?!

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What is not to love about Quentin Tarantino’s title character in Django Unchained? He’s so beloved he even made a cameo in A Million Ways to Die in the West.

Django Unchained Star Jamie Foxx

There’s even word that Tarantino has so much extra footage that we can expect a Django Unchained mini-series soon.

But, that’s not even all there is when it comes to Tarantino and the character that led him to a Best Director Oscar.

Tarantino is busy writing another Western, The Hateful Eight, but he’s still also stuck in the world of Django Unchained as word has arrived that we can expect the hero to ride again in a series of graphic novels.

The auteur will come up with the concept and the storyline and hand it off to a man who knows his way around graphic novels, author Matt Wagner. And why is Wagner so perfect?

It is because Tarantino is not having Django alone in saving the day. He will be joined by none other than Zorro! And Wagner has crafted a slew of Zorro tales, so the combination of Tarantino’s vision and Wagner’s storytelling skills has us just a little excited.

Stay tuned as more of this story emerges.

Until then, watch Django Unchained online and see why we all love Django! 

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