Is a Ben Affleck-Starring Batman Movie Coming in 2019?

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Last week we reported on the full DC Comics/Warner Bros. slate of superhero films that will feature everyone from The Flash and a return a Ryan Reynolds-less Green Lantern. Now, word arrives today that we have one more entry to add to that list: Batman!

Latino Review is reporting that Warner Bros. is planning a Ben Affleck as Batman solo movie for 2019 that will be his first in a newly recharged franchise that truly begins with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Its tentative title will be The Batman.

Batman vs. Superman Batsuit & Batmobile

Now, Affleck is set to get behind the camera again after winning an Oscar for his last effort Argo for Live By Night. He’s filming that flick in the summer of 2015, so for him to be Batman again, timing wise, the 2019 release date sounds perfect. You can next see him acting in Gone Girl

The only thing we have to mention is that by 2019, Affleck will be 47 years old. That will make him the oldest actor to play Batman ever and given that in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman is supposed to be a rundown, older superhero – this works. But, what kind of solo movie will that be? Will he need a walker? We kid!

Watch The Dark Knight online to see our favorite Batman movie while you contemplate Affleck as Batman in 2019. 

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