Snowpiercer Exclusive: Tilda Swinton on Turning a "Mouse" Into a “Monster”

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Oscar winner Tilda Swinton was drawn to director Joon-ho Bong’s world of Snowpiercer because of the wildly inventive landscape he created. We were blown away by Snowpiercer (amongst many, many things) by the performance of Swinton.

We caught up with Swinton for an exclusive video interview where we explore the absolutely fantastical and diabolical character she plays, Mason. It was a part that was originally written for a man, but when Swinton’s name started swirling, Bong immediately changed it, and what the helmer and the star did is create movie magic that rivets.

“It’s a masterpiece and I’m so proud to have anything to do with it,” Swinton said.

Swinton seems to have channeled a bit of Margaret Thatcher in the role of a woman who is essentially in charge of keeping the titular train in order.  

As can be seen in the Snowpiercer trailer, Swinton works for leader Ed Harris, and his character built a train than can circle the globe on a miracle engine that never needs to be refueled. The world has suffered another Ice Age and the 1,000 or so that have survived have been stuck on this train for the last ten years.

What’s worse, is where their place was on Earth before they entered the train is where they are stuck living through eternity. If you were poor and despondent, that is where you will remain – in the back of the train. And it is Swinton’s job to keep you there!

And for Swinton’s family, seeing their reaction to the film will be the best part. “When my brothers see this film, they are going to laugh so hard,” she said. “It’s an in-joke between me and my three brothers!”    

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